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Radio Monitor and spectrum viewer page


  • The N E W version 1.2 of RadioMonitor is availabe! Includes SDR extensions and many other features.
    Interested users must ask me a test login on the remote node of Turu.radio.it
    This location implements all the feature so you can test and suggest any new ideas on features and future enhancements.
    Next sentences are obsolete and reprsents only a brief introduction to the tool. Please contact me if really interested. Thank you. - Bob

    This page contains info and the software useful to access remotely installed receivers and visualize the related spectrum.
    I hope you will find it interesting.
    Suggestions are welcome and will be kept in strong consideration for the project enhancement.
    In the table on the left you find the basic tool (version 1.0) and the update kit to version 1.1 (which contains the new RadioMonitorClient.exe and the VNC utility with configuration files for spectrum view). You must install version 1.0, rename the RadioMonitorClient.exe in RadiomMonitorClient-v1.0.exe and next extract the files of the update package inside the directory of the original installation (tipically "C:/programmi/CSP/RadioMonitor Client").

    A new v1.1 autoinstall package will be available as soon as possible.

    Now you are ready to test accessing the url http://pino.radio.it:8080 and flagging the "guest box".
    If you are interested in full remote control of the receiver you must be an OM and ask me for a login.

    73 de I1YRB
Look at the RadioMonitor tool v1.0 interface and functionalities in this brief screengrab demo:

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